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The Wellness Program is primarily a request-based program that relies on employees’ assistance to coordinate events. Scheduling events is subject to contractor availability. Requests should be submitted 4-6 weeks prior to the desired event date.


What to Do

Chose an Event to Request
Personal Development and Work/Life Topics
Health Events - Mini Health Screenings, HIP, Mobile Onsite Mammography (MOM), Prostate On-Site Project (POP), Flu Shots.

Complete and submit the Event Request Form.

Who is Eligible?

The Wellness program serves State employees, retirees and their families. All services and events are free to benefit-eligible employees as well as retirees and spouses on the Benefit Options health plan. Dependents are eligible for specific events as indicated on promotional materials (no worksite events). For all screening events, participants must know their (or their spouse’s) Employee Identification Number (EIN) and will be asked to show their Benefit Options insurance card or proof of State employment.

Retirees, spouses, and dependents are not eligible for Mini Health Screenings, HIP participation or incentive payments.

Retirees, spouses, and other dependents are still eligible to participate in various activities as identified at


Minimum Requirements:

Unless otherwise indicated, class minimum is 20 and screening minimum is 25. If your worksite is too small to meet the minimum, consider partnering with other nearby State offices or, contact Wellness to try to locate other Agencies in your area.


Promotion and Registration:

You will be provided an electronic flyer to promote you event at your work site. Registration forms will be provided when appointments are required.