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You Can Quit. We Can Help.

The State Employee Tobacco Cessation Program is available all year long.

Don't do it alone.
As an employee of the State of Arizona,
help is available at no cost to you.

All helpline services are free, in English and Spanish.
To take the first step toward quitting call: 1-844-866-3727.


The State Employee Tobacco Cessation Program will provide for you:

    • Pharmacists to help choose the right medication for you

    • Expert coaches to help you set goals and quit for good

    • 24/7 support to keep you on track

    • Medications covered at no cost to employees

Other Quit Resources:

Benefit Options covers tobacco cessation prescriptions and over-the-counter (OTC) medications at no cost to employees

  • Benefit Options members must obtain a prescription from their physician for OTC medications or prescription medications

  • Members take the prescription to the pharmacy, present their insurance card, and have it filled free of charge